Case Studies

Union Station Arch, Columbus, OH


To make way for a new hockey arena, the City of Columbus chose to move the 300 ton masonry and terra cotta Union Station arch to a more prominent location in front of the new arena rather than demolish this last surviving remnant of the old Union Station railroad terminal.

The project team, headed by International Chimney, included Dingy Movers, Inc. with assistance from Mr. Peter Friesen (move consultant).

Moving the top-heavy arch was complicated by the route it would have to travel to get to its new site. A number of obstacles lay in the way, not the least of which was a double set of railroad tracks. Careful coordination and timing was required to cross the active tracks, and the rerouting of trains was necessary for the duration of the move. The proper utility crews had to be on site at the right time to disconnect and reconnect overhead powerlines and other utilities as the arch passed.

The structure was lifted more than ten feet in order to provide the required clearance for move-steel beams ( 2 main beams and 8 cross-steel beams) and the 12 dollies upon which the arch was rolled to its new home.

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