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Parachute Jump Towers, Fort Benning, Columbus, GA


Restoration of Parachute Training Jump Towers

These structures were originally constructed as part of an amusement ride at the 1939 Worlds Fair in New York City. The US Army saw value in them  as platforms from which to train paratroopers (known as “Jump Towers”). They were purchased by the US Government after the Worlds Fair, disassembled, moved to Fort Benning in Columbus, GA, and re-erected with an addition to their height. Each of three Jump Towers now stands at 255'-6" high with a distance of 134'-3" from tip to tip of their massive arms. For training, soldiers are hauled up to the tip of an arm by cable, then released to descend by parachute.

Two of the towers  are now used to train paratroopers. The third tower is unused and stands set up as it was at the 1939 Worlds Fair.

International Chimney was hired to make structural repairs, then clean and paint each tower. The nine month process called for lead abatement to remove the old coating.

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