Case Studies

GLOBE Metallurgical Inc., Niagara Falls, NY - signage


Apply four signage panels onto two concrete chimneys

SKW Alloys in Niagara Falls was purchased by GLOBE Metallurgical, Inc. Each of their two existing 270' high by 20' outside diameter concrete chimneys were painted with two signs, one sign on each side of each chimney. GLOBE wanted these chimneys to represent their new ownership. International Chimney was hired to replace all four existing signs with new ones representing GLOBE Metallurgical.

To apply the signs we combined a system previously developed by ICC (a simple method of applying hand-painted artwork on a large scale) with our expertise in accessing chimneys. Using AutoCAD, the sign was carefully laid out in ICC's engineering department, duplicating the customer’s artwork exactly (letters from their letterhead were used). Once laid out on paper, a simple method was employed to transfer this layout to the chimney itself and the painting was completed by hand.

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