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Armstrong House Relocation, Saint Paul, MN


Design/build relocation of the Armstrong House

This project was a team effort, our team consisting of International Chimney Corporation and Stubbs Building Movers.

Aside from the normal complexities of moving a building through downtown city streets, design and implementation of the move had to take into account two substantial challenges. The first was that the building had to be moved down a very steep hill. This dictated the design and installation of substantial building reinforcement in the form of steel bracing on the back of the building. Very close control of the braking system was also required while traveling downhill. As a precaution, a secondary braking system was put in place as backup in the event of primary system failure.

The second challenge was that the Armstrong House had to be rotated “on a dime” in the middle of a city intersection in order to line it up perfectly to fit between adjacent buildings as it moved forward after the rotation. Both challenges, as well as all other issues, were successfully dealt with.

The Armstrong House was moved on 24 rubber-tired dollies, 12 of which were self-powered, 12 were non-powered. There were a total of 192 tires in contact with the road during the relocation. Move-steel installed under the building consisted of 2 duplex main beams, 19 cross-steel beams, 6 rocker beams, and numerous needle beams.

During the relocation the Armstrong House had to pass through a parking lot, through a major intersection, down a city street to another intersection (where it was rotated 90 degrees in tight quarters, right in the intersection), down a steep hill (barely fitting between buildings), around a newly constructed park, then around a tight turn and onto the new site.

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