Case Studies

Ratcliffe Florist Shop Relocation, Charlotte, NC


Design/ build relocation of the Ratcliffe Florist Shop

Located in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina, the Ratcliffe stood on a site proposed for development. It’s historic significance precluded demolition. The only option was to move it. The move had to be achieved without interfering with ongoing construction on both the old and the new sites. The Ratcliffe had to be moved in two phases. The first phase took an “L-shaped” path. The sideways leg of the move was made to line the building up with its temporary storage location. The second leg of the move brought it across the busy downtown street to where it was stored until construction on its new site was sufficiently advanced.

Over a year later, following construction of the ramp to an underground parking garage, the Ratcliffe was moved in a “Z-shaped” path to its new home above the ramp. It was first moved out of its temporary storage area into the street, then down the street until it lined up with its new location, then off the street and into its final position above the ramp. Each change in direction required the relocation of roll beams to line up with the direction of travel.

Due to slab-on-grade construction the Ratcliffe lacked a basement, thereby complicating the salvage of a stone floor inside the building. To move the stone floor with the building, ICC “mined” under the building in 4' wide paths, installing beams and steel decking just underneath the stone floor. The space between the decking and underside of the stone floor was filled by hand with concrete.

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