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Meyer-Peace House Relocation, Charleston, SC


Relocation of the Meyer-Peace House

In the heart of Charleston's historic district every structure is treasured. The 18th century Meyer-Peace House, located very near Charleston’s famous “Four Corners of Law”, was no exception. On its original site it was standing in the way of proposed development for the new Judicial Center and the only option, other than demolition, was relocation. The fortunate availability of a nearby lot on Broad Street made relocation feasible. ICC was entrusted with the care of this 1790's building until it was safely placed at its new home.

Because it would eventually sit at right angles to its original orientation, the Meyer-Peace House had to be rotated at some point during the relocation. The chosen move method was “rail” - a method utilizing steel beams on which the building would slide with the aid of steel rollers. In this case the move path had to be “L-shaped” with a 90° rotation midway through the move.

ICC custom-designed, and fabricated on site, a turntable which performed like a turntable for railroad train engines in a roundhouse. The 300 ton Meyer-Peace House approached the turntable along a set of rails and moved onto a corresponding set of rails on the turntable. The turntable, carrying the building, was then rotated using hydraulic jacks until the building was correctly aligned for its new location. 

The Meyer-Peace House was then pushed along rails to a position over the new foundation. The rails were removed and the building was lowered to its final elevation. Masonry infill material was packed between the top of the new foundation and the underside of the building where it had been separated from the old foundation.

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