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Restoration of Great Duck Island Lighthouse, ME

Restoration of Great Duck Island Lighthouse

Located on a remote uninhabited island off the coast of Maine, near Bar Harbor, Great Duck Island’s lighthouse required restoration. Following the failed attempts of another contractor, International Chimney accepted an order to pick up where they left off.

To complete the project, brick, mortar, water, tools, equipment, generators, food, and other supplies were brought onto the isolated island. All material and equipment was mobilized to Northeast Harbor on the mainland, then loaded onto a barge and moved to just off the coast of the island where it was lifted off the barge by helicopter and transferred to the site. As it turns out, the scope of work was the least difficult part of the project. Getting material, equipment and manpower on and off the island proved to be the most challenging. Eleven foot tides, a rocky coastline with nowhere to safely land a boat, and the onset of winter weather all contributed to the complexities of this project.

Work was interrupted by winter weather in the fall. We remobilized in the spring of the following year and all objectives were successfully met.

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