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Lucky Strike Chimney, Durham, NC - restoration


Restoration of American Tobacco's "Lucky Strike" chimney

American Tobacco’s 180' tall “Lucky Strike” smokestack, a familiar Durham landmark in the American Tobacco Historic District, suffered from the ill-effects of age and was in need of restoration. International Chimney’s expertise was called upon for the job.

The “Lucky Strike” smokestack sits at the heart of American Tobacco’s 16 acre campus which is being renovated to provide office and wet lab space within easy walking distance of the historic district. To promote the efforts to revitalize the campus, the American Tobacco Historic District took out a series of ads describing the chimney’s restoration. They featured a number of eye-catching photographs, one of which is shown. Text in the ad with this photo read; “International Chimney was so proud of their work on the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, they just couldn’t help themselves.” Another ad showing the “Lucky Strike” smokestack moved to the ocean next to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse read; “Oops. We asked International Chimney to fix our smokestack, not move it.”

Repairs to the chimney included removing then replacing the “head” in kind (the existing head was too deteriorated to salvage). Additional repairs included repairing extensive cracking, removing some steel bands, cleaning and painting the remaining bands, pointing as necessary, installing a cover on the chimney (because the chimney is no longer in service) and more. The chimney did not have a ladder or platform so a temporary ladder and platform were installed to facilitate the work.

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