Case Studies

Virginia Power's Possum Point Power Station, VA - demolition


Demolition of 175' high radial brick chimney with brick lining

An unused 175' high radial brick chimney with brick lining at Virginia Power’s Possum Point Power Station in Dumfries, Virginia, had reached the point where it needed to be repaired or demolished. Demolition was chosen and International Chimney was selected to carry out the task.

The team utilized rigging equipment specially designed to access chimneys (temporary ladders and temporary platforms) to reach the top of the chimney, and demolition started. To protect plant personnel from falling masonry while the structure was being taken apart the debris was dropped down the inside of the chimney. Debris was regularly cleaned out through access openings cut in the chimney before demolition started, and was placed into dumpsters and hauled away.

When the base of the chimney was reached, a shift in demolition technique was made to heavy equipment with a “knocker” attachment.

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