Case Studies

Chadakoin Center Restoration, Jamestown, NY


Jack building columns to correct settlement.

A rundown six-story building in downtown Jamestown, New York, was slated for redevelopment. It was to be renovated to become the “Chadakoin Center”. In preparation for its restoration, engineering studies were conducted to determine the extent of structural upgrades required. During this process it was discovered that foundations for three of the building’s interior columns had settled, one almost 6". This settlement caused building columns resting on these foundations to settle, bringing all floors above the basement level down with them. The proposed solution was to jack up the settled columns and replace their foundations. ICC was called upon to apply their building relocation expertise to the problem.

The simplest and safest method to jack building columns would be to apply jack pressure as close to each column as possible. This would have been feasible if simply installing shims underneath the base plate of each column was the final solution. However, since replacement of each foundation was required, the jacking system had to be far enough away from each column to permit the removal of the old foundations and subsequent construction of the new. To complicate matters, the columns were close together leaving little space for the jacking systems to function freely as all three columns were jacked nearly simultaneously. 

The system designed and implemented by ICC allowed all three columns to be rigged at the same time within the space available. Once jacking was complete each column was fully supported by the jacking system with no load whatsoever on the existing foundation.  

At this point ICC demobilized, leaving all three columns up in the air. The client removed the old foundations and installed the new ones. ICC then remobilized to transfer the columns' load to the new foundations and remove the jacking system.

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