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King of Prussia Inn, PA


Design/ build relocation of the King of Prussia Inn, including new foundation

The King of Prussia Inn, an historic 1700's era stone building, sat vacant since the 1950's on the median of the very busy SR-202 in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Located adjacent to the second largest shopping mall in the United States, the Inn was in the way of SR-202 expansion work and had to be moved 2,400' to safety. Moving any historic structure of this vintage is complicated but, in the case of the King of Prussia Inn, getting it ready to move was only half the battle. The complicated move route presented the other half.

To reach its new home, the Inn had to travel down three different streets (first northbound on the six lane SR-202, then right onto South Gulph Road, then left onto Bill Smith Boulevard), through two major intersections and then through a park to reach the new site. A weak bridge on SR-202 had to be shored up by International Chimney prior to the move. Sinkholes (yes, sinkholes!) complicated the move path and had to be located with ground penetrating radar then stabilized before the move. Coordination and traffic control were a major factor to keep traffic moving and the many businesses along the move route open. Careful coordination with the appropriate companies had to be arranged to deal with power lines, signals, utilities poles, signs, and other obstructions in the move path. On move day the appropriate utility crews had to be on hand and ready for action.

The King of Prussia Inn was constructed prior to the advent of Portland cement mortar. Clay mortar used in the 1700's resulted in very weak walls. A great deal of wooden bracing was therefore added to the building by International Chimney to hold things together during the move.

The approximately 510 ton King of Prussian Inn was moved on 21 rubber-tired dollies (168 tires in all), some of which were self powered. There were a total of 2 duplex main beams, 13 cross-steel beams, 7 rocker beams, 2 stiff-back beams and numerous other steel beams supporting the Inn during the move.

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