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Ameren Meremac Plant, St Louis, MO - repairs




International Chimney installed a fiberglass “fiberwrap” strengthening system around chimney’s at Ameren’s Meremac Plant in St. Louis, MO.

Ameren’s Unit # 4 Chimney is 350' high with an average diameter of  22'.  It’s a reinforced concrete column with a corbeled brick lining.  The chimney was found to be in a severely deteriorating condition having 28 holes through to the lining ranging in size from 6" in diameter to 4' x 6' square.

Prior to installation of the fiberwrap system, the concrete column’s coating was abated and the concrete repaired.  The chimney was wrapped in a combination of fiberglass and carbon fiber composite material.  Because of the addition of this fiberwrap system, the chimney now meets current building and seismic codes.

Ameren’s Unit # 3 Chimney is the same size and type of chimney as their Unit # 4 Chimney.  It too is being wrapped with the fiberwrap system.



International Chimney Corporation was awarded a contract at Ameren to remove an existing mastic coating of asbestos-containing material.  The entire 350' high chimney was coated with this substance.

International Chimney chose the Blazer-Vac System to accomplish two goals.  First, to safely remove the coating itself.  Second, to create a profile on the concrete surface so that a hybrid fiber/epoxy composite material wrap could be installed to structurally upgrade the chimney to current seismic and building codes.

The local county and EPA Departments viewed use of the Blazer-Vac System and waived all requirements for any special PPE while removing asbestos.  No containment at the work level was ever required due to the safe nature of its use.

Use of the Blazer-Vac System reduced the cost of asbestos abatement by almost half when compared with a more conventional removal method, while at the same time maintaining an exceptional level of personnel protection.

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