Case Studies

Empire Generating, Albany, NY - new stacks



Two new Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) stacks were installed by International Chimney at a facility near Albany, New York. Each steel stack is 248'-0" high x 19'-0" I.D. and includes caged ladders, partial platforms, full platforms, and various other accessories, including interior sound attenuation baffles.

Unique to HRSG stacks are disproportionately large breeching sections. Aligning stack and breeching sections in this area takes skilled craftsmen to achieve the required expansion joint gap while maintaining stack and breeching sections in proper alignment.

The customer’s schedule required erection during the difficult winter months of central New York. However, International Chimney accomplished this work while maintaining proper weld pre-heat with numerous quality control features in place, including in-house and customer-provided third-party inspection. International Chimney maintained detailed weld mapping to track all welding.

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