Case Studies

Kapstone Kraft Paper, Roanoke Rapids, NC - demolition



International Chimney Corporation was awarded a contract to demolish a 300’ high concrete chimney. Inside the outer concrete shell was an independent acid brick lining. Both the outer concrete shell and the brick lining were demolished simultaneously.

To accomplish demolition and to facilitate debris removal, International Chimney designed and installed a debris opening through the chimney wall at grade. In-house engineering staff, including in-house Professional Engineers, designed the opening with the focus on maintaining the structural integrity of the structure. The debris opening was fitted with steel doors which could be secured during the demolition process thereby preventing debris from exiting the chimney accidently during the demolition.

To access the top of the chimney and accomplish demolition, International Chimney Corporation installed a special bracket scaffold system. The chimney was also fitted with fall protection equipment to keep the employees safe during the demolition process.
The chimney was demolished using air hammers to cut the concrete shell into panels. Each panel was allowed to drop down the inside of the chimney to grade where it was removed at the end of the day.

The lowermost 30’ of the chimney was demolished using a different method - a hydraulic hammer on an excavator.

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