Case Studies

Kodak, Rochester, NY - demolition


International Chimney Corporation was awarded a demolition contract for the removal of a 365' x 15' radial brick chimney at building #31 located at Kodak Park in Rochester, New York.

Demolition was preceded by high-pressure washing of the chimney’s interior. Pressure washing helped reduce the disposal cost for the facility. Pressure washing effluent and demolition debris was handled by the facility.

Demolition work was performed while the plant was operating. International Chimney installed debris netting around the scaffold to help prevent any brick chips from falling outside the scaffold area. The area at the base of the chimney also had debris netting installed over pipe bridges to further enhance safety.

International Chimney also demolished a 365' x 17' radial brick chimney at Kodak’s building #101, and a 195' x 14' chimney located at Kodak’s building #218. All demolition projects were completed safely and on time.

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