Case Studies

Kodak, Rochester, NY - fiber wrap



Upper portions of Kodak’s 400' reinforced concrete chimney showed severely deteriorated cold joints and concrete was falling from the column. Repair was necessary to strengthen the chimney and to protect personnel below from falling debris. ICC’s carbon fiber wrap system was selected by Kodak as the preferred reinforcement method.

To access the areas needing repair, ICC installed a full circumferential scaffold system around exterior surfaces - a system which could be raised or lowered to any desired working elevation. From this scaffolding, ICC removed loose concrete, then resurfaced the concrete shell. Following concrete repair the chimney was fitted with bands of carbon fiber reinforcing .

Several years after the completion of this cold joint repair Kodak brought ICC back to apply a 4'wide carbon fiber band to the very top of the same chimney, and to stabilize the top of a second 400' reinforced concrete chimney with a 4' wide band of carbon fiber wrap.

A UV protective paint was applied to all carbon fiber wraps.

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