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Xcel Energy, Pueblo, CO - noise reduction



Xcel Energy hired Kinetics Noise Control, Inc., an Ontario, Canada, company, to design a system of noise-reducing "baffles" to solve a noise problem at their new 550' chimney at Unit 3. International Chimney was hired by Xcel to install the baffles.

A total of 24 individual baffle sections were installed in ten rows inside the 30'-6" ID steel lining, each baffle being 1'-4" thick x 20'-7 9/16" high. Some rows had only one baffle, some two, and some three, with the widest baffle being 10'-0" in width. Baffles were "bolted" together in multiple-baffle rows. When all baffles were in place their weight added 161,000 pounds to the existing steel lining.

To facilitate baffle installation an opening was cut in the lining at grade through which the baffles were passed to the inside. A special rack system with rollers was designed and employed to allow baffles to be "rolled" into the bottom of the liner, then lifted off the rack and raised to elevation utilizing a hoist and cat-head system. A system of overhead grillage beams with chain falls on trolleys was designed and positioned in the lining above the baffle elevation to allow for transfer of the baffles from the hoist cable to the chain fall thereby allowing them to be "rolled" into their final position. A temporary suspended platform was designed and installed from which the men worked.

This project was achieved on an extremely fast-track schedule with all goals met. ICC has received much praise from our customer for the prompt response and from the baffle designer for ICC's innovative approach to baffle installation.


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