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Anclote Key Lighthouse, FL



The project site was approximately 5 miles offshore Tarpon Springs, FL, on the remote Anclote Key. All material, tools, utilities, water, sanitary facilities, etc. had to be brought in from the mainland by boat, off-loaded onto a public dock, and transported over a half mile-long raised wooden walkway.

The remoteness of the location was by far the most challenging aspect of the project. The walkway was reverse engineered to determine loading for the transport of the material and equipment, and custom trailers pulled by lightweight hauling equipment were utilized.

ICC forces worked with Alex Klahm Architectural & Metal Design and Enberg Mold and Tool to replicate the majority of the top of the lighthouse, including two cast support beams upon which the entire top rested. Lead removal was completed and new coatings were applied on the remaining portions of the skeletal steel tower. All doors and windows were restored or replicated. The ruin of the oil house was totally restored, with old masonry restored and mixed with new, the metal roof and supports replaced and new doors fitted. Hundreds of feet of historic brick walkways were rebuilt and the foundation slab refurbished with matched shell-ingrained repair topping. ICC is proud to have received the 2004 Florida Preservation Award from the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation.

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