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Assateague Lighthouse, Chincoteague, VA



Located at the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge on Virginia’s famous Eastern Shore is the 139 foot high brick Assateague Lighthouse. Constructed in 1867, the lighthouse was finally succumbing to the rough costal environment and in 2008 a portion of its cast iron lantern deck fell to the gallery deck below. International Chimney Corporation was called to inspect and initially secure the lighthouse by installing debris netting and
over-head protection at the base. The inspection found serious faults in the gallery deck where brackets embedded in the brickwork were beginning to fall out. International Chimney began an emergency restoration of the gallery deck system. The cast iron posts and balustrade were removed and found to be substandard and un-repairable. New fabrications were provided. The cast iron deck plates were removed, revealing the brackets, and cracks repaired and corroded areas replenished. The brackets were imbedded in brickwork and had to be carefully extracted. They were held in place by a top band and a bottom ring, both embedded in brickwork. Both had failed and the embedded flanges on the brackets were severely cracked. One individual bracket location at a time, the brickwork surrounding the bracket was carefully removed and salvaged where possible for reinstallation later. Each bracket and associated band and ring were extracted from the brickwork and repaired or replaced as needed. A temporary repair facility including a machine shop was established to re-work the historic iron fabric. The individual brackets were then reset into the brickwork. When all were complete the deck and handrail were rebuilt.

Other work included restoring the lantern room curtain wall, painting and repairs to the lantern deck, stabilizing the spiral staircase and landings, and painting other historic metals.

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