Case Studies

Cape May Lighthouse, NJ



International Chimney Corporation performed the preservation work under Mr. Michael Henry, PE, AIA of Watson & Henry Associates, AIA, Bridgeton, New Jersey.

When it was discovered that the lantern room could not be removed from the top of the lighthouse in one piece, ICC revised the plan for restoration to incorporate the installation of a steel containment work room, which was installed over the top of the window curtain wall system and allowed work to continue during the winter.

Selective removal operations included separating the corrosion-locked cast iron from bronze sills and mullions. These were later straightened, reworked and reset with teflon isolation. While the roof was off, the copper skin was separated from the ferrous frame, the cornices replaced, cast iron cornice brackets and upper and lower tension bars replaced, and the majority of the original copper roof was reattached to the reworked frame.

The entire exterior of the lighthouse was contaminated with lead paint. This was removed and new high-performance coatings applied. In order to provide adequate quality control of coatings systems, ICC worked with KTA Tator and had a full-time inspector on site. After reassembly of the lantern room, new safety glass was installed.

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