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Point Lookout Lighthouse, near Scotland, MD



The 1830 Cape Lookout Lighthouse, constructed as a fourth order Fresnel lens, stands only 36 ft high and is superimposed through the keeper's quarters. In 2003 a major restoration was planned including roofing, repair of historic windows and restoration of the Lantern.

The National Park Service’s Historic Preservation Training Center took on the project and contracted with Allpoints Construction, with whom International Chimney had a prior relationship from work on the Outer Banks of NC. ICC was initially subcontracted to restore the lantern room but later worked to restore the historic windows and paint the keeper’s quarters.

All glazing was removed in preparation for lead paint removal. The entire top was enclosed and paint was removed by vacuum blasting. A specialty chloride wash was used to remove salt from the surface, and all metal was coated with a three-coat moisture-cured urethane system. The curtain wall structural frame was restored utilizing a titanium epoxy product to replenish rusted-away iron, then machined to true size and shape. Holes for the bronze bolts were tapped and fasteners replaced as needed, the preference being to save and re-use the existing.

The glass was replaced with a laminated safety glass that would stay together and still offer protection in case of an impact. Sheet metal sheathing encasing the framing and stairway to the lantern had rusted away and was replaced. The lightning protection system was replaced including replica cement stands that held the LPS anchors on the new tile roof.

Because of the relatively remote location, it was difficult for Allpoints to attract craftsmen to the project. ICC’s people on site lent a hand in restoring the existing (and replacing new) windows and painting the remaining structure to ensure a timely completion.

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