Case Studies

Bald Head Lighthouse, NC



The 100 ft high “Old Baldy” light on Bald Head Island was constructed in 1817 to replace an earlier 18th century light lost to erosion. Its distinctive mottled stucco octagonal tower is a North Carolina landmark. In 2004, International Chimney Corporation was called upon to inspect and perform initial stabilizing and safety-related repairs. The inspection involved rappelling down each of the eight sides to test the existing stucco, and evaluating the interior wood staircase and landing system.

A number of significant safety concerns were noted and addressed including replacement of handrails and installation of protection around the open landings. A number of suspect support beams were probed and recommendations were made for repair.

On top, a stone coping was repaired and the lantern restored to reduce leakage with the intent to perform roof repairs at a later date. To this end, a custom stainless steel ventilated hatch was designed to be flashed by the new roofing which would form a curb to inhibit standing water from entering while allowing ventilation of the interior.

The project was unusual in that the island is now a resort community with limited vehicle traffic and limited support for heavy construction. All vehicles, tools, equipment and materials used during the project were transported by ferry to the island.

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