Case Studies

Ponce DeLeon Inlet Lighthouse, FL



International Chimney Corporation performed the preservation work for Mr. Kenneth Smith AIA of Kenneth Smith Architects, Inc., Jacksonville, Florida.

The work involved coordination with governmental agencies to shut down the lighthouse, protection of the lens, hazardous coatings abatement on the masonry and historic metals. A significant amount of masonry restoration was involved as well as application of historic coatings (kleim mineral based system) on the exterior masonry. Coatings were also required for all new and remaining cast iron.

The copper roof was restored and a new lightning protection system installed.

At the exterior watch deck level, existing deck plates had been previously removed and the existing brackets were deteriorated to the point where replacement was required. The brackets were laid into the masonry and a significant amount of selective demolition was required to salvage individual units where possible. New masonry was faced with salvaged brick.

Working with A. Klahm and Flotech new cast iron deck plates, interior cornice and exterior cornice, as well as replica hand rails were constructed from photographs and erected.

On the interior, new coatings were applied on existing cast iron elements and masonry. The marble floors and window sills were leveled, restored and polished.

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