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Buffalo Lighthouse, NY



The 1833 “Chinaman’s Light” Buffalo Lighthouse is now located on a secure US Coast Guard base near the Erie Basin Marina. Built in 1833 and standing 68 feet tall, this lighthouse once guided more than half a million immigrants to the city and remained active until the First World War. The light remained dark until 1987 when it was re-lit for the first Friendship Festival. Restoration started in 1985 and the lighthouse is now a Buffalo Lighthouse Association museum.

ICC began working on the lighthouse in 1993, starting with repairing leaks at the watch level. Constantly wet, the mortar from this area had softened and was allowing leakage to the interior. The gap between the drum of the lantern and the stone sides of the tower had deteriorated, so the juncture was rebuilt.

In 1995, the lantern room curtain wall and roof were leaking, allowing water infiltration to the interior. All lights were re-glazed and historic metals painted. Additional work was performed to the interior stone spiral staircase.

In 2003 all cast iron inserts to the decorative handrail were re-cast and reset in the handrails. Exterior stonework was restored.

2007 had ICC fixing the lower tower window and door.

In 2011 a major restoration effort was performed by ICC which included more stone repairs on the gallery deck, repointing the interior of the watch room, refurbishment of a second tower window, and the application of new stucco on the interior.

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