Case Studies

Red Jacket Monument, Buffalo, NY



On Sunday October 10, 2010, Forest Lawn Cemetery was to have an unveiling of the newly restored bronze Red Jacket Monument.  On Tuesday October 5 the conservator, putting on the finishing touches, noted that the statue rocked on its stone pedestal with very little pressure.  Worse, the statue had “walked” to the most outermost point on the pedestal.


ICC was called in to evaluate the problem and come up with a solution.  While the unveiling would occur on Sunday with our without a fix, the preference was to unveil a complete statue.  ICC engineering and field staff met on site to decide the best method of stabilizing the statue. 


It was decided that the bronze statue would be carefully rigged and lifted by crane to an awaiting work platform. A pre-fabricated stainless steel anchor plate would be centered and anchored to the stone pedestal and then match-fit onto the base of the statue.  Shoes, constructed from stainless steel and bronze and mounted to the inside of the statue, would be bolted through to the exterior of the statue to permanently anchor it to the base plate.  


The authorization to proceed was given on October 6.  The stainless steel plate and shoes were designed and material procured on October 6 and fabricated on October 7.  On October 8 the crane was mobilized; the rigging plan was designed and implemented; the statue was lifted; the plate was match marked and anchored; the shoes were fitted and the statue was re-set and anchored. All was complete two days before the unveiling.


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