Case Studies

Forest Lawn Cemetery, Williamsville, NY



When the historic Williamsville Cemetery was purchased by Forest Lawn Group, the management was faced with a very real problem: the cemetery had no room for expansion and nearly all the gravesites were full, leaving too few sites to serve the needs of the community. Their answer was unique: push out the fence boundary to the legal limits of the property, opening up room for additional sites.

By virtue of the cemetery’s central location and historical nature, the Village of Williamsville, NY, was rightly concerned that the appearance and fabric of the stone pylon entrance gate and historic cast iron fence would be maintained. Forest Lawn Group, a long-term customer, turned to International Chimney to implement a plan to move the entire frontage (almost 200 feet) south about 11 feet. This opened up a significant number of sites in a prime location.

New foundations for the fence pylons were formed and poured which corrected an original fit-up problem on the fence gate. The historic stone pylons were relocated without incident and the original fabric of the surrounding fencing was restored and reinstalled. The fence, and the seeded and landscaped frontage, now look like they've been there for the last hundred years.


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