Chimneys & Stacks :: Repair/Retrofit Existing

Since 1927 International Chimney has been a leader in the repair of deteriorated or damaged chimneys of all materials.

ICC has developed a program for classifying and categorizing maintenance and repair. The program is individually applied to specific structures and tailored to each client by using a set of criteria developed by ICC's team in cooperation with the client. The goal of this method is to provide our clients with an efficient, cost-effective service that is well planned and properly executed. Life-cycle planning and cost/benefit analysis are factors that are considered prior to recommending and repairing or developing a maintenance program.

Experienced crews, using highly specialized equipment owned by ICC, repair chimneys and linings of all materials - brick, steel, concrete, FRP. Repair methods depend on the causes and extent of deterioration found in the chimney. Methods include repointing, rebricking, exterior concrete replacement, tear-down and rebuilding, reinforcement banding, interior lining including technical gunite application, protective brick linings and application of other technical castings.

International Chimney has the experience, the people and the equipment to provide safe, quality, cost-effective maintenance and repair services.