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hot camera inspection

Performing routine periodic inspections is the key to identifying deficiencies and performing repairs in a timely manner. Environmental Protection Agency regulations require sampling and testing of stack particulates for emission quality. Complying with these requirements necessitates the installation of the proper test ports, safe access ladders and sturdy platforms from which to conduct the tests. International Chimney provides the physical access. We install test ports, access ladders and platforms with the expertise that has made us an industry leader in chimney construction and repair.

ICC provides complete inspection services of all types. Interior and exterior field inspections are conducted by our own experts using access systems and rigging supplied and installed by ICC personnel. The inspector will immediately report on the general condition of the structure and any areas of concern. A comprehensive report will then be submitted containing photographs, a detailed assessment of the structure, repair and maintenance recommendations and cost estimates.

Additional Access System Services Available:

  • On-Site Inspection.  If desired, one of our field engineers will visit your plant and ascertain local conditions at no obligation.
  • Temporary Installation.  Access systems can be installed for one-time testing meeting OSHA guidelines. Although not recommended as a cost-efficient method on a long-term basis, we can furnish a temporary system at considerably less than a permanent installation.
  • Platform Modifications.  If you have a platform already installed but find you need more work area to accommodate transmissometer equipment, we can extend the surface area of your present platform to meet your specific needs.

Hot Camera System.  This system allows internal inspections to be conducted while a unit is online. The remote, robotic camera is also ideal where conditions may be hazardous for personnel.

International Chimney personnel are professionals in the chimney business. We do not, however, obtain or analyze gas samples. We recommend that you secure the services of a recognized laboratory or organization equipped to handle the work. Our personnel, however, can be available to assist during testing if necessary.